VPS LIME LLC is a dedicated storage VPS hosting provider. We specialize in offering storage VPSes... virtual private servers that include tons of storage... perfect for backup or large file hosting.

All our systems run on enterprise grade multiple core Intel machines with at least 8 gb memory per machine. For maximum harddrive performance and maximum data safety, we employ RAID technology to secure the data. We have a multi-homed, high-throughput network to ensure your data quickly gets where it needs to go.

Unlike many other hosts, we do not put more VPS images on a server than the hardware can handle. All vitals of the server and network are continuously monitored, and when problems arise, we fix them quickly.

In short, our advantages:

  • powerful hardware; top-of-the-line & guaranteed
  • tons of RAID-protected storage
  • no overselling of server capacity
  • continuous monitoring for bottlenecks
  • optimal network connectivity
  • excellent support

VPS LIME LLC was founded by three internet entrepreneurs who have been working with some of the largest hosting companies on the web. After noticing a large gap in the hosting market we carefully created an architecture, documentation and a business plan for creating the best VPS company in the world. With only 100% satisfied clients, controlled growth and healthy profits, we're is here to impress! We look forward to serving you.

* Available only for cPanel to cPanel servers